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Energy Booster is made by appropriate combination of those special medicinal elements which are mentioned in Ayurveda's ancient scripts and boosts the strength and power of the body. It makes the muscles swift, energetic and strong and helps to get rid of tiredness, weakness and laziness, It makes life interested and enthusiastic.

Composition of Energy Booster Powder : Each 100 gm Contains :

Sr. No. Product Name Dosage-Form Indications
1 CardiWell Syrup Boosts resistance to stress for peak cardio health, Protects the physical heart and supports and heals the emotional heart, Fortifies multiple layers of the heart muscle, Supports healthy blood flow, Boosts resistance to stress
2 CariCure Syrup Thrombocytopenia due to Dengue, Low Platelet Count Preventions, Low Blood Platelet Levels, Platelet Disorders, Liver Cirrhosis
3 B-Cure Blood Purifier Syrup Prevents various skin problems, Help in enhancing the health, Helps in remove pimple & Dark Circle.
4 Calcio D3 Plus Syrup Fracture, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Joint Pain, Degenerative Bones, Rheumatoid arthritis
5 A-Stone Syrup Helps to remove kidney & Gallbladder stones, Exerts anti urolithic action, Normalizes urinary pH, Tones urinary system
6 Pineapple Bromelain Syrup Digestive Aid, Natural Pain Reliever, Treats Asthma and Allergies, Constipation & Diarrhea, Depression & Hot Flashes.
7 Hemorrhoids Cure Syrup Stops bleeding in piles, Relieves itching and pain from piles, Deflates pile masses effectively, Regular therapy prevents recurrence of piles.
8 Himcuvit Plus Multivitamins Syrup Boosts immunity, Relief from low energy, Fatigue and loss of appetite, Improves mental and physical performance.
9 Neuro-C Plus Syrup Memory and learning disorders, Language and learning disability, Behavioral disorders, Anxiety and stress-related disorders
10 Femi-G Plus Syrup Irregular Menstruation, Heavy and Prolonged Menstruation, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB), Female infertility.
11 Himcorex Cough Syrup Cough, Cold cough , Fever cough, Cold Weather cough, Anti Allergic cough, Anti Tissue cough, Mucus cough
12 Liv-20 Plus Syrup Hepatitis, Cirrhosis of Liver, Fatty Liver, Sluggish/Swollen Liver, Alcoholic/Chronic, Jaundice, Liver Disorder
13 D.T. Care Plus Powder Maintaining blood glucose levels, Regenerating pancreatic beta cells, Help to stimulate insulin secretion.
14 D.T. Care Plus Capsules Capsules Normal blood sugar levels, Helps in purification of blood, Promote insulin production in the pancreas.
15 Fast Remoov Capsules Capsules Intervertrebral Disc Syndrome, Relieves Low Back Pain, Cures Swollen Joints, Cures Inflamed Joints Cures, Old Age Arthritis
16 Fast Remoov Oil Oil Rheumatoid Arthritis, Providing Faster Relief, Provide Flexibility to Joints, Relieve Joint Stiffness, Cures Inflamed Joints
17 Satawari Ras Syrup Gastro paresis, Low Blood Pressure, Simply Stress, Pregnancy, General Weakness, Eye sight, Anti Stress, Mental health
18 Fevret Plus Kids (for fever) Suspension Anti Fever, Anti Cold, Anti Allergic, Anti Spasmodic, Anti Viral, Body Pain, Dengue, Typhoid, Cough, Headache
19 Corlet K Kids (for cough) Suspension Anti Allergic, Common Cold, Cold Cough, Dry Cough Treatments, Chronic Cough Remedies
20 Himcuvit Omega 3 Suspension Improves mental and physical performance, Improve immune functioning to fight against diseases., Assist recovery and convalescence from illness.
21 Panch Tulsi Drops Fever & Cold, Bronchitis, Asthma, Influenza, Sore Throat, Heart Disorder, Mouth infections, Insect Bite, Headache Tooth Disorder, Skin Disorder, Children Ailments, Dengue / Malaria, Vomiting
22 Aloe Vera Ras with Kesar Juice Allergy, Liver Infections, Treats Digestive Issues, Reduces Inflammation, Arthritis & Back Pain, Weight Loss
23 Aloe Vera Ras with Apple & Passion Fruits Juice Allergy, Piles, Reduces Inflammation, Promotes Heart Health, Detoxifies The Body, Enhances Skin Health Provides The Essential Amino Acids
24 Amla Ras Syrup Bone health, Eye sight, Anti Ageing, Fight Infections, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Digestion, Heals Pimples & Acne
25 Tirphala Ras Syrup Constipation, Digestion, Liver Infections, Blood Purifiers, Hyper Acidity, Improve Immunity, Treats Digestive Issues
26 Giloy Ras Syrup Fever, Viral Fiver, Cold Flu, Typhoid, Blood Purifier, Improve Blood Cells / Platelets, Malaria/Dengue / Chicken Guniya
27 Slimfit (Fat Burner) Syrup & Capsules Loss Weight, Improve Metabolism, Reduce Hunger Pangs, Detox your hormones, Reduce Body Fat, Burns harmful cholesterol.
28 Energy Booster Power Powder Physical Energy, Power of Vitality, Improve Stamina, Weight Gainer, Source of Protein, Appetite Booster.
29 Energy Booster Power Gold Powder Fight oxidative stress (stress buster), Relieve joint pains, Strengthen Immune system, Weight Gainer