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Himcure Beauty Care Products

Energy Booster is made by appropriate combination of those special medicinal elements which are mentioned in Ayurveda's ancient scripts and boosts the strength and power of the body. It makes the muscles swift, energetic and strong and helps to get rid of tiredness, weakness and laziness, It makes life interested and enthusiastic.

Composition of Energy Booster Powder : Each 100 gm Contains :

Sr. No. Product Name Dosage-Form Indications
1 Skin Whiting Cream Cream Anti spot skin, Protect from sunlight, Removes black heads, Soft and clear skin & Wrinkle-free skin
2 Alorial Neem Tulsi Face Wash Face Wash Clear and fresh skin, Smooth Skin, control pimple and dry skin
3 Alorial Kesri Face Wash Face Wash Fear Skin, fresh skin, smooth Skin, control pimple, oily skin
4 Alorial Medicated Hair Oil Hair Oil Baldness, Promotes Hair Growth, Falling of Hair, Dandruff & Itching of Scalp, Hypertension
5 Alorial Medicated Shampoo Shampoo Detoxifies hair roots, Gently cleanses scalp and hair, Prevents dandruff and itchiness, Increase hair density.
6 Alorial Conditioner Conditioner Moisturize hair stands properly, Improve the quality of hair, Shine and bounce to your hair, Prevents hair fall and give an extras
7 Aloe Vera Neem Tulsi Gel Gel Skin Disease, Skin Allergy, Dry Skin, Skin Spots, Dark Circle, Black Heads, Pimples, Fungal Infection, Skin Disorder, Red Warm
8 Aloe Vera Kesar Gel Gel In Launching Process
9 Aloe Vera Transparent Gel Gel In Launching Process